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Clubs & Activities

These skills are often the very thing many children and adolescents lack, placing them at a significant disadvantage in terms of their future attainment. Another underestimated but equally important aspect is the emotional benefits of participating in the arts for children who are depressed, anxious or have a difficult home life.


After School

In today’s society, being able to read and write properly is a factor often taken for granted. Now imagine not being able to and the lifetime of dependency this would entail. Reading and writing are the keys to opening doors for knowledge and other educational opportunities; allowing an individual to venture into any field of study they choose, from the vast variety of fields on offer. Individuals without these tools are at a deep disadvantage in everyday life. We work hard with our students so that they aren’t deprived of what they’re entitled to. Maths is considered to be one of the most important subjects within the school curriculum. Maths is taught as a basic school right through to high school and onwards. At times maths can be challenging and difficult to grasp; being fully aware of this situation we have designed a maths programme to guide and support students through these challenges and, we assist our students with various learning methods to deal with the complexity that maths can deliver.

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